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Realising BT’s bold vision for its new BT Sport experience

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AIMIA’s Future of Digital Publishing conference in Melbourne

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The Human Layer

Issue 7 is now available to download from the app store!

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Introducing the next generation of commerce-enabled magazine

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Associated Press

Video Hub - AP’s revolutionary new digital video platform

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A sophisticated redesign of Australia’s leading content portal

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New Zealand Herald

Monthly visitors to NZ’s leading online news increased by 32% after our redesign

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Future of digital publishing

Mark Wilson’s presentation from AIMIA’s conference in Melbourne

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APN local family website

A new desktop and mobile platform approach for 55 local newspaper brand across Australia

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Curlys pocket guide

Our very own witty guide to sports app.

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Auto Express

A beautiful, efficient HTML5 version of the leading weekly car magazine.

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The Times

A new paid content strategy for The Times and The Sunday Times

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11 years of digital
service design

We craft commercially successful digital services that customers love.

At Wilson Fletcher we believe that the future success of every organisation will be built on digital services. To deliver that success, they need to be imaginatively conceived, rigorously designed and brilliantly executed.

Our experience over the past decade has turned belief into conviction. It’s why we’re all passionate about digital service innovation, and why we’re driven to make something about our work better and faster every single day.

You have a new idea – or need one – that you can take to market successfully...

We design and prototype new digital services

  • Rapid service development |
  • Full service design |
  • UI design |
  • Rich prototyping
You need a viable digital strategy and the ability to deliver on it successfully...

We help businesses build their digital futures

  • Digital strategy programmes |
  • Service visioning |
  • Commercial modelling
You have a service that is underperforming or facing new competitive pressures...

We redesign and reinvent digital services

  • Customer insight |
  • Brand development |
  • Experience design |
  • Rapid prototyping
You know you need to innovate better and faster to succeed in your marketplace...

We accelerate digital innovation programmes

  • Service co-creation |
  • Innovation frameworks |
  • Service roadmapping


5 areas of

The success of our work is founded on the expertise we have built across five core practice areas. Think of them as our raw ingredients: everything we do is made from them, but our difference comes from the way we combine them.

Services graphic

Service strategy

Strategy you can act on

We use design thinking, co-creation and full service design techniques to shape the future of organisations and the services that power them.

Design intelligence

Generating applicable insight

We generate customer, organisation, market and technology intelligence that inspires and supports strategy, design and business decisions.

Rapid engineering

Innovating with technology

We design with technology: engineering cutting-edge prototypes, proof-of-concepts and full services using state-of-the-art technologies.

Experience design

Designing for delight

We transform big ideas into delightful, customer-focused interactive service experiences on any platform, from native apps to responsive websites.

Programme management

Facilitating iterative design

We help to deliver outstanding services using innovative rapid programme methodologies and intelligent service planning.


40 great people (and 2 dogs)

Mark and Steph founded Wilson Fletcher back in January 2003. Since then we’ve become an amazing multi-disciplinary (and multi-species) team and have worked with some exceptional clients around the world.

1 creative

A fantastic culture has been central to Wilson Fletcher from day one: it’s our real difference. We invest in it every day because it makes our team stronger and our work better. Interested in joining us? We’re hiring!

2 studio

World map image

Our team spans the globe. We work for clients all over the world from two great studios in London’s Shoreditch and Sydney’s Surry Hills. Our team and methodologies are tightly integrated across both locations, allowing us to regularly accelerate programmes by working as 24–hour studio.

(No prizes for guessing which team members have the best suntans.)


3 products
of our own
(and counting)...

To understand something you have to practice it. Our internal innovation programme helps us to perfect the methods we use on client programmes and is creating some fantastic services in their own right.

Cronycle logo image


Coming soon: a beautiful solution to the challenges of discovering and managing content shared via Twitter and RSS.Go to the website

The Human Layer logo image

The Human Layer

Our own digital publication. A digital magazine for everyone who cares about the service experience.Get it on the App Store

Curly’s Guide logo image

Curly’s Guide

A charming iOS app that brings the rules of sport to life with beautiful content and a good sprinkling of wit!Get it on the App Store


News International

News International logo

“It’s a delight to work with a company that you can trust in this way – they have an incredibly flexible approach and are absolutely focused on getting you the results you need while still sticking to the timescales and budget you agreed.”

News International


Which? logo

“Wilson Fletcher are a unique and talented bunch. They work collaboratively and use refreshing common sense which not only gets good results quickly but pretty much fits in with any working style that is required, from the smallest to largest projects”



APN logo

“Each time I’ve worked with WilsonFletcher I’ve felt privileged to learn from a collection of smart, intuitive and talented people who are as passionate as I am about delivering the right outcome for my products and business”



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